5 ways to run faster

If you have been training for a while and are progressing to running a few times a week, and can handle a run of 5-6km such as your local Park Run on a weekly basis, you may be looking at how you can run faster. These 5 tips from Mullins Podiatry will help you develop some speed in your running.

  1. FORM: ensure your form or technique is optimal for efficiency and to minimise risk of stress and inflammation as you start training faster. Basics of good form look at cadence (how often your feet hit the ground), posture, remaining strong and fluid when you need to be and foot strike (looking at where your foot hits the ground – this should be close to the midline of the body).
  2. VARIETY: you will not get faster doing the same thing 3 times a week – to run faster you need to mix up how you train. Broadly speaking you can separate running sessions into a long slow run, some hill work and some speed work. There are many variations of these sessions but essentially you need to be training different body systems to get faster.
  3. FOOD: you will not get faster if you fuel up more than you burn. Have a look at what food is coming in and at what time. People fail to realise that most sessions less than 90 minutes can be done in a depleted state (on an empty stomach).  A simple look at a food diary can reveal calories that are not needed or types of food that could be minimised.
  4. COMPANY: running with at least 1 other person will increase both honesty in pace and regularity, it will also ease the boredom runners often complain about. Rope in a friend with a similar goal or sign up to a running group, most groups have various levels from beginner right through to competitor.
  5. PLAN: without a plan it is easy to fall into a routine that does not produce improvements. Organising a realistic program with specific sessions and goals will help to take the thought process out of the equation, and working towards a specific goal will hold you accountable.

If you would like help with learning how to run, learning to run faster, or have any further questions please call Mullins Podiatry today.