What can I do about a painful ingrown nail?

At Mullins Podiatry we have a range of options to treat and manage your ingrown nail. We first take a history and detailed examination to ascertain why the nail is ingrown.

It may be that

  • The nail has been cut incorrectly
  • The nail has been damaged
  • The nail shape causes it to break the skin
  • Genetic disposition
  • Footwear and lifestyle may be contributing to the way your nail may be growing

Our conservative approach is to cut and re-shape the nail to provide immediate relief and reduce chance of infection. We then educate you on the best way to avoid the recurrence of the nail growing into the skin.

If this conservative approach does not achieve long term relief or the recurrence is causing repeated discomfort or infection, a surgical procedure may be advised.

What is nail surgery?

Nail surgery refers to the technique of removing the nail and phenolising the matrix so the nail does not grow back.

This procedure is done under local anaesthesia in the clinic after a sterile field is constructed. After the ingrown nail is removed, the growth plate (matrix) is neutralised using the repeated application of phenol, a strong alkaline designed to stop the nail growing back.

Does it hurt?

The injection of LA will feel similar to any other injection. After the anaesthesia is applied, it is a pain free experience with most patients reporting little to no pain after the procedure and being able to walk freely.

Minor surgery such as Partial Nail Avulsion and Nail Wedge Excision provide approximately 95% success rate in permanently resolving ingrown toenails. The procedure allows a quick recovery with a return to normal activities on the same day and minimal post-operative discomfort.

Do I need follow-up care?

Patients are advised to attend a follow up dressing change in the days following the procedure and are required to be seen again one week later to assess the progress of the nail and the surrounding tissue. After the procedure, it is recommended you do not drive and whilst you are able to return to work or school, you may require an open toe shoe / sandal and will be required to keep the area clean and dr

What are the potential complications?

All nail procedures have been associated with a slight chance of recurrence. Infection whilst the wound is healing can also be an issue. We will advise you and manage these and any other complications that may occur.

How can we help?

Mullins Podiatry can manage and prevent ingrown toenails, alleviate pain, and help keep you on your feet and mobile. www.mullinspodiatry.com.au